New Zealand Wedding & Elopement Photography

what do you wanna know?

I’m sure you’re bursting with excitement And, no doubt, you have a tonne of questions.

But that’s allgood.

I don’t want to just be “the photographer” on your day. I want to be your friend and confidant. I want to get to know you both beforehand, and help answer any questions you may have, photography related or not! Making sure we are the right fit for each other is crucial, as it ensures you feel comfortable with the person you’ve chosen as your third wheel, which means I can get some badass shots of you in your element. So flick me a message, say haaaay, and we’ll make it happen.

I love to explore, and am always ready to go.

With 31 countries and counting under my belt, I don’t want the idea of extra costs to be the reason we don’t meet!

Regardless of where in the world you need me, expenses will be kept as low as possible, with the possibility of travel costs included, or heavily reduced, if it’s a place I’m itching to revisit or see for the first time. A “scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”, kind of deal.


Ready to explore the unknown with you

You ready? Let’s do this.

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