getTING to know me
Heya! I’m Lauren, the WAIHEKE ISLAND based story teller BEHIND WILDFOLK, responsible for capturing all the good stuff that matters.


I’m a Californian born, NZ raised gal obsessed with travel, surfing, Dr. Pepper, good food, Netflix docos about false confessions, and whose sense of humour can be described in one word: Memes.


Now, I know what you’re thinking, “cool chick” right? Well, before you get too excited, full discretion, I’m actually a mild geek who talks to her pets like they’re human children, dislikes chocolate, and doesn’t drink coffee.

Despite being in probably 1% of the population that doesn’t drink coffee or eat chocolate, I can guarantee you that I am not abnormal (well, within reason)… I am simply the professional third wheel you’ve been looking for, who will join in on a boogie the dance floor while shooting simultaneously, happily drink any cocktail that’s not an espresso martini, and will instantly bff you if you ask to see photos of my pets.

To me, couple, elopement and wedding photography should be about adventurous imagery for effortless lovers, capturing the big and little moments that actually matter, and documenting true love for what it really is: flawed, but flawless.

So, enough about me, if you’re happy weirdo’s who are head over heels, share the same beliefs about unposed and adventurous love, and aren’t afraid to dabble in the occasional sarcastic meme, then say hey.